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    OFFCN EDU:2019 Annual Report
    The year of 2019 was the closing year for the reform of national governmental institutions. During the last year, the overall demand of civil servant recruitment was not meeting our forecast. However, with all your attention and supports, and thanks to all the great efforts, courage, perseverance and excellent performance of the team, our company’s performance realized a substantial growth. The amount of performance profits significantly exceeded the commitment we made for the last year at the time of the company’s major assets restructuring, as well as the high expectations in the capital market. We are even happier to see that after working wholeheartedly together in the last year, the will of our team has become stronger, and the fast-response ability of the company’s rapid-growing platform was again systematically improved. With our performance surpassing the line of RMB 10 billion, it marked a new fast-growing era of the company under the scale economies effect.
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